Free and Reduced Lunch Program

  RSU 26 has elected to participate in Provision II for the school lunch program and will not be collecting Free/reduced forms from families while participating. 

Provision 2: This Provision reduces application burdens and simplifies meal counting and claiming procedures. It allows schools to establish claiming percentages and to serve all meals at no charge for a 4 year period. Schools must serve meals to all participating children at no charge for a period of 4 years. During the first year, or base year, the school makes eligibility determinations and takes meal counts by type. During the next 3 years, the school makes no new eligibility determinations and counts only the total number of reimbursable meals served each day. Reimbursement during these years is determined by applying the percentages of free, reduced price and paid meals served during the corresponding month of the base year to the total meal count for the claiming month.

The administration staff will be sending out Economic Status forms for students for any fee waiver and status information needed by the school for other programs.  Please fill these out and return them to our school offices.  If you have any questions please reach out to the building principals.